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Mark answers affiliate review questions

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Mark answers affiliate review questions

This is a reply to anurag's questions:

Following r my queries:

1. I wish to promote a web hosting company, I wud ask my newsletter subscribers that i wud make a free review website for them to promote my product, i tie up with a web host provider and refer my subscribers to get an account with them.

Can i do sth to make it an automated process that my subscribers buy hosting service from the company and submit their userid and password the hosting company has provided them to some web page provided by me, then at the press of submit button all the information gets mailed to a company that wud upload a review website. Can u refer to any solution provider for this service?

So you're wanting to create review sites for people and earn affiliate commissions from the hosting of the review sites?

And automate the process?

Sorry I don't know of any provider that can automate this process, you may need to set up your own hosting company or talk with hosting companies about this idea in order to get this to run.

Is that what you are asking? it was difficult to decipher your writing.

2. If anybody emails me with a specific set of words as subject, lets say SOLUTION, is it possible that an email reply gets generated automatically? If possible please let me know the service provider.

Yes, try arp3.com I'm pretty sure they can do that. If not, you could install a rule in outlook, see http://www.slipstick.com/addins/auto.htm

3. Why are u using 2Checkout.com as ur payment processor and not only PAYPAL for Affilorama.com while u r making payments to ur Affiliates via PAYPAL?

We make payments to affiliates via paypal because it is faster and easier than posting out checks.

We use 2checkout to process payments because it is more likely to accept people's payments than paypal which sometimes doesn't accept payments for strange reasons. Also I've heard stories about paypal kicking merchants for no apparent reason so didn't want to go with them for payment processing.

4. Do u make payments to ur Affiliates via PAYPAL as MASS PAYMENTS? Have u ever had any problems making payments thru that system?

Yes as mass payments.
No no problems.

Best regards,
Mark Ling
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