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Making Beats Guide - New Product !

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Making Beats Guide - New Product !

Hi Guys... My new product name is "Making Beats Guide" ... (Learn Make Beats In Only 30 Steps)

I taught make beats in this guide.
I will give a lot of bonuses which people buying this Ebook.

Standart Price: $49.00
Commission For Affiliates: %50
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Official Page: makingbeatsguide.com
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Just a small observation...

On the banner ad you provide in the affiliate resource section and in the sales letter, one of your main selling points is that you can "make beats in 30 steps."

Now, I don't know anything about making beats or anything, but that doesn't sound like a compelling benefit.

When I hear "30 steps" I imagine lots of tedious work. Perhaps you might want to reevaluate some of the benefits listed in your marketing material to present your product in a better way.

Something like "discover how to make rap beats that sound sick in no time at all" (assuming that is a true assessment of what your product offers).

Anyway, I know it can be a lot of work to put together your own product. I'm not trying to bash you or anything like that. I'm just trying to help you improve conversions.
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