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Looking for suggestions for an app creator program

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Looking for suggestions for an app creator program

Hello everyone, I was just bouncing a idea around my head for a new app idea.

I personally think it would work great and have the ability to be very popular.

on the other hand I have never dived into apps or have any experience with them. the app would open to a program.

I would put a price point of $9.99 usd on it (based on the type of program it is)

I don't have any capital to invest so it would have to be a joint venture. (if possible)

can anyone point me in the right direction regarding building apps/programs. funding/joint ventures?

and possibly a place ware I can describe the app/program idea openly without fear of the idea being stolen?

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I don`t know of places where you could find an investor but did you think of crowdfounding?
There are some websites like kickstarter where you post your idea and people send you money to help you achieve your goals.
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