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Looking for high paying keywords and growing up

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Looking for high paying keywords and growing up

I am wondering how to develop education as a niche for my next affiliate website. I would love building strong keyword content to increase my advertising payouts. While I know it's easy using Google Preview, Google Global and of course Adsense, in the end the CPC payouts are not worth it and it makes more sense offering direct adverts and getting rid of Google Adsense altogether. However, now I have the problem of offering a pixel, but I am working on it. Building an education website targeting Adsense ads is a good start, but not for the long term as I hate sharing.

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I think its always a temptation to setup a site, throw some Google AdSense on it and feel good that you're getting $1 a week, if that. But its really short term.

A true affiliate site takes time to build up and get the specific traffic you need to make sales in your niche, but its worth the effort. Im not sure if thats what youre referring to when you say "growing up" but its the more mature approach to affiliate marketing - taking a longer term view of your sales methodology, rather than picking up the crumbs you'll get from ad revenue programs.

High paying keywords are somewhere between low competition and high search results. The best advice I can give is research your niche thoroughly so you know what words your target market are using.
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