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Looking For A Support Partner

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Looking For A Support Partner

Hello affiloblueprint members, it has been a while for me since the last time i cam, i quit working on my site, had some personal problems and stuff. The thing is i am back an ready to start working on my first site. i actually want help of someone who can guide along the way, someone who is really profiting and knows how everything works. Willing to pay if needed but i definitely want to build some sites and earn extra income(really need it).
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We don't offer one on one support, but we do provide assistance to all our members. I suggest you go through the course while you look for a partner. If you get stuck on anything, you can post it here or send us an email.

We will help you even after you have found someone who will work with you one or one. Just let us know. :)

All the best!
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