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Life Enhancer for Music Lovers

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Life Enhancer for Music Lovers

I have dabbled on and off with with various life/motivation/productivity supplements since early high school (now third year college) and have now found a consistent aid for daily life and specific situational enhancement.

I named this post as such because those who generally feel little to nothing from the listening to music, especially those who feel they have no favorite music or who feel they cant concentrate or function their best while music is playing. This probably is not for you.

For those of you who have music playing as both fun recreation and as a situational enhancement (ie. radio tunes as pump up on way to work, music needed while studying etc) then I think I have found a great tool you can benefit from.

Its long been known that music, initially classical, can change your brainwave state causing a shift in how one functions or focuses on different tasks. A few companies have taken this an extra step forward and found specific music frequencies that elicit brainwave states for different tasks.

Example, it was long known that classical helped IQ scores and general study for quite a while, but no one knew why. It is now found that the calming beat of its frequency causes the brainwave state to change giving the brain better access to functions and information it currently holds. In brief, it gives you better control over what you already have.

Like any other business or niche there are companies that promote their goods to god-like hype regardless of its actual quality, but there are also a select few that actually help the customer, hoping to create a life long connection of sincere growth (like Affilorama =).

Having spent a few years testing and searching for a decent solution, I believe I have found at least one reputable company with an amazing program for life enhancement for very little investment.

Its call iMusic, their BrainIgnite program most specifically. I am not an affiliate, though they do have an affiliate program, but I do feel the drastic changes to my life and feel that others could benefit the same if not more.

As a trial you are given three music tracks to sample for a month. This may seem simple and trivial, but the effect can be quite impressive. One track replaces caffeine in your life if you are a coffee addict, needing that extra kick to start off your day. The next is a quiet work related track that puts you into multi-task mode for writing, phone calls, or organizing your thoughts or day. The last for the trial (and my most favorite) is their brain amplification track called BrainAmp. An incredible track in its own right, listening for a minimum of an hour a day can give you overall mental acuity, memory aid, vocal articulation and general brightness. The first time I listened to brainamp a few years ago when they initially released it in their original program I had a minor headache for the first few days, then my brain got used to it leaving me feeling constantly refreshed and light. Like a constant productive kick.

I now use their monthly membership, about $50 a month, to kick my daily coffee habit and to keep mentally strong as I hit my studies for university. I study neuropsychology and philosophy, so I know a lot about how the brain can change as a result of proper stimulus like this music can produce.

Again, even for the trials that i did in testing friends and family, not everyone will benefit. My own father who gets little out of music didnt feel as great a push that I hoped, but I feel its because his brain doesnt change as much as my own. Testing it on one of my close school friends who listens to music often as I do, she now listens as often as she can noting the changes it has on her own studies and personal life.

Clinical trials show it works in about 97% of the people that use it. I think it is slightly less since not everyone likes music to the same degree.

Heres a link to the program:

One of the best aspects of their program is that their music has a 10-100 measure level of music intensity. That means if your brain gets used to 40 (the initial level everyone gets started at) you can move higher to condition yourself for more. I highly recommend this program as it does have a no credit card free trial. I think its 100% worth the money, even more so if you can afford to prepay for 6+ months as they give you a significant discount if you do. I have to do their minimum membership, but thats only because I am a budgeted college student. Look around their site and see if it sparks any interest for you =)
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