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Is website flipping a good idea?

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Is website flipping a good idea?

Hi Affilos,

Ok, I am no expert but I have learnt a few things over the last few months...considering over six months ago I didn't even know what a keyword was!!

I have had an offer from someone who is willing to teach me how to make and flip my own sites. He is proven to be successful himself so I think he is legit and I wont be paying anything.

I'm thinking of taking him up on his offer as I'm sick of knocking out Squidoo lenses and not making a dime.

Do you guys think Flipping is a good area to get into?
I don't know much about its success rate etc or what I need to know to get started.

Anyone out there Flipping? If so, is it a good starting point for a novice/intermediate IMer?

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Hi Andy,
I have not flipped sites personally but I do know it is a solid business model.
Let us know how you get on.
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