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Is PPC a deductible business expense?

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Is PPC a deductible business expense?

Since tax return months are near, so, I thought I will ask a question before I approach a tax consultant.

I'm based in the US and I've made a bit of money this year using both SEO and PPC.
For PPC, I've been using my husband's credit card (I didn't have one after I lost my job).
So, I was wondering if I can show this as cost incurred or I would anyway get taxed on whatever money I made ?
(My profit margins have been around 50%).
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Hi Diya,
We really can not give tax advice here and you should see a tax agent.

However, I just declared all profit after expenses, and this is only unique to me and the advice my tax agent gave to me for my personal situation when I first started out and will be different for each individual.

So, best ask your tax agent.

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