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Is Health and Fitness a profitable market?

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Is Health and Fitness a profitable market?

Hi , I've just started the 90 day course and am at the moment trying to come up with a profitable topic. Do you think that the Health and Fitness market eg. maybe one page with reviews of different exersise programs, one reviewing exercise equipment, and another marketing vitamins and supplements, would be too hard of a market to start with? I'm new to this and would appreciate every opinion I can get. Thanks, Lisa. :D
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Hi Lisa

Glad you found your way here..

It all comes down to keyword research. The niche you've chosen IS profitable but the competition is also HUGE. So do your keyword research & find keywords that might not have so much competition & concentrate on that.

Go through the 90day course in detail & you'll learn all about this. Its best not to think of a niche until you finish the course really as what you'll learn may impact what you want to do..

Good luck.

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