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Is an offshore corp best protection?

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Is an offshore corp best protection?

Hey guys I'm new here and looking for others experiences with offshore IBC's.

I've been doing bulk email marketing and display marketing for about a year. I started getting some
threat letters from multiple sources (Ghetty images was one) for my marketing practices...etc. I guess
when you're actually out there doing something you are exposing yourself to all kinds of crap! Go figure...

I have a good friend who runs a company setting up affiliates/publishers and others with offshore structures. He has been bugging me about setting up offshore for over a year now (I run a couple other online businesses). It wasn't until I started getting these threat letters that I actually considered it and bit the bullet.

I went ahead and did a Belize IBC and a bank account with a good bank there and also a Nevis corp too. It seems pretty cool and with Nevis, to even be considered to have a lawsuit against you the person suing has to put up a $25k bond and retain a lawyer there too. From what I hear, the lawyers there don't even really like taking civil suits either...because they are hard to prosecute there. With Belize, I am told they are know as one of the most solid for privacy and virtually no attorney will touch a civil case either.

To me...now that I've seen the light on this, I'm kind of excited because I don't feel as exposed and it seems the only way to go?

Does anyone have any tips/advice and what are any pros/cons any of you have experience with offshore? One of the only ones I can see is the delay in banking...but that is a small price to be virtually "Bulletproof". IDK
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you are free to run offshore business and there is no harm. 1000s of indians are the back bones for many SEO experts in western countries. They charge their clients higher and pay only about 50% to the indians and they never involve in any work. So just get a right contact and get your work outsourced.
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