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Is Affilojetpack ever on sale?

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Is Affilojetpack ever on sale?

I am a newbie to IM. I've being doing a lot of research and watching Affilorama videos. One online review of Affilojetpack had everyone mentioning the price of $497. Half of what it is today. I know what you're gonna say. It's still worth more than twice that, which it is now. But when you are starting out with next to nothing $500 is a lot. Does Affilorama ever have sales or promotions? It would be a big help. Thanks.
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Version 1.0 was $497, that was quite a while ago, and we have invested several hundred thousand back in to upgrading this since that time. We are running a very short term promotional special on some webinars right now where it is being sold at a $250 discount for $747.

Here is the link for it so you have it, I will remove this thread soon though as this is closing soon.

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