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Is a Great Recession a Great Opportunity?

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Is a Great Recession a Great Opportunity?

Been thinking about that old Marketing Maxim that bad financial times are good times to enhance your marketing, while your competitors may be pulling back on their efforts.

After reviewing some of the new literature on that topic, I'm more convinced than ever.

I just published a post on that topic that may interest you. Of course I'm hoping it will help sell my latest eBook too.
How is a Great Recession a Great Opportunity

Hopefully this post is a bit of a lesson in SEO as well. Has decent on-page SEO and links to off-page academics and business experts, a stock photo with alt text, etc.

_jim coe
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So many opportunities all over the place! Look at all the houses for sale, buildings and businesses for sale, people in need of jobs, income, a new life, etc! Take your pick.
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