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Introducing custom image services

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Introducing custom image services

Hello, everyone! I've been around here for a while and I have been doing images for my own sites for a number of years. Now, I have decided to start offering my services to those who might be interested. You can see examples of my previous work on my portfolio page at the site in my signature.

Check out my site if you need:

  • Add text to an existing image
  • Custom header banner
  • Filler image for article
  • site promo images
  • bullets, buttons, even list icons

I can also help design a custom theme, including suggestions for colors that will go well with your header image. In fact, let me know if you are using Affilotheme 3.x, and I'll even create the custom profile for you. (Some of you may have seen my YO blog post with a link to my SuccessBuildingBlocks.com link. That site is a customized Affilotheme site.)

If you would like me to do one for you, you can PM me or contact me through the contact form on my site. (If doing the latter, make sure you let me know you came from Affilorama to take advantage of my introductory discount!)

Whether you need a regular image or a 3d one, I may be able to help. For this month, all 3d images and themes will be $30 and all others will be $20. I look forward to doing business with you soon!

Also, if you're looking for some tips on how you can do your own images, check out the video tutorials on the site in the link in my signature. They focus on GIMP, a free image creation tool that has many features comparable to Photoshop. Though the series currently just has an overview of GIMP, over the next month or two, I'll be going over how to do things so that you can create your own custom images.

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Have questions about creating images? Want an image created for you? Check out my site at www.GradyPruitt.com/welcome-affilorama-friends

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