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Idea for a Webinar: Affiloblueprint member building a Site

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Idea for a Webinar: Affiloblueprint member building a Site

Hi Mark,

I just thought of an idea that might help me and others. Maybe you can do a webinar using one of your student's websites, and do an analysis on the things he/she is doing right, but more importantly, on the things he/she is doing wrong. Starting from niche and keyword research, etc. to PPC campaigns.

You could do a drawing among willing participants to find the winning website. We could learn a lot from the mistakes we newcomers make when starting affiliate marketing.

It's just an idea, and maybe others can share their thoughts about it.

Best regards,

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Good idea and I'll keep it in mind. In the meantime feel free to review the comments that have been made

Also in some of the interviews I've done with internet millionaires we discuss the pros and cons of different websites e.g. the Peter Lenkefi interview on what makes for an authority site.

There's also the site review forum where you can browse constructive feedback by my staff on different sites which can give you some ideas of your own.
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