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I need some help

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I need some help

Hi there,
My name is Zsuzsanna, and I am really new in the affiliate marketing.
I tryed different sites to get information, how to make money online, made some investment as well, but now after 2 months I fell I don't get anywhere, just running in circles.
Can anybody help me, give me some directions how to do it so I will have some success?
What do I do wrong?
Any help is appreciated.
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I would suggest you start with AffiloBlueprint following the plan that has been set down. Follow it as close as you are able. The program is very easily copied. AffiloBlueprint is for static websites. If you would prefer a blog type site look into Bootcamp.

Affiliate marketing is alot of work. So expect to put in your time. Keep at it and you will eventually get there.

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