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I have $100 Google Ad sense

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I have $100 Google Ad sense

Can I use this money for google ad sense and use it with PPC? If so could someone please help me do this as I have no clue only want to spend $100 on PPC in a few days.
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If you want to limit your spending to $100 you should choose the prepay option when activating your google adwords account. If you select the prepay option, Google will deduct ppc costs from that balance. When the prepaid amount runs out, your ads will stop showing until you make another payment.

The advantage of that is you never really go over your budget.

I was wondering if you meant you had a $100 coupon or voucher from google that you can use for adwords. If yes, you can not use that to pay for the activation fee. I believe that the activation fee for persons based in the U.S. is $5 and the minimum payment for the prepaid option is $10
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