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I'd Like Some Feedback on G Traffic Loophole

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I'd Like Some Feedback on G Traffic Loophole


I got an e-mail from Mark with a link to Alex "Goad's Google Traffic Loophole" and checked out the promotional video.

Then I looked for feedback on forums and unfortunately the comments are not very positive. Many people who have purchased the tutorial say they couldn't get clicks for less than 15-25 cents each, that this method is at least 2 years old and it hasn't worked for them/

Also that the Adwords campaigns are done through the content network even though Alex claims they aren't.

Has anybody had any experiences with this product and/or system?

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I bought it but havn't done it yet.

It's a solid guide, very detailed and step by step.

It's about placing banner adds on the google content network. Evedently banners get such a better click through than does text you can get clicks for as little as 2 cents.

Again I haven't tried it but it seems like a sound idea.
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J.C. Dean

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