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I can't get any support, what am I doing wrong

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I can't get any support, what am I doing wrong

5 days ago after the download I had a problem with Traffic Travis and entered a query in the contact us box in Traffic Travis and was emailed a ticket number. (I don't know how this ticket system works and was expecting an email reply)

2 days later I PMed an administrator about the problem and about 6 hours later she asked me what keywords I used so she could check them out on her Traffic Travis.

So far no reply,and yesturday I PMed Mark with the same question (I realize he's super busy and I might have to wait a little longer for a reply.

But the thing is that it is 5 days and no one has got back to me.

My problem is that my Traffic Travis is not working, but to be fair to the support staff I reviewed the videos Mark gave on keyword research and found the problem myself, there is a code number in yellow that I have to paste into Traffic Travis to make it work properly which I failed to do.

Now I have a new problem, where in Traffic Travis do I paste this number, I can't find it anywhere.

Sorry for being a pain in the ass and missing this step, but then again I thought support would have been a little faster.

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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,

You should be requested to paste in your registration code when you first launch the Traffic Travis software. Could you please try opening it again and let me know if you can't see where to do this (should appear almost straight away). Traffic Travis shouldn't run properly until this is completed.

I'm so sorry for the problems you have had contacting support, however I have searched our system and I can't find any emails from you on this issue, so maybe they didn't get through for some reason.
Anyhow, I hope this resolves your problem. If not, please feel free to PM me for further assistance :)
All the best,
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