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I am testing GoView Beta

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I am testing GoView Beta

Or, rather, I will start testing it as soon as I can, probably over this weekend.

Yes, it's another screen recording software and it surely will not be free once it's out of beta, but I really wonder how it will compare to camtasia and such

To tell the truth I am partial to software from citrix. Back in the days when I was providing support for security, backup, gaming, and streaming media software, I used citrix's gotoassist to connect to customers' computers and it worked really good. There was also a time when I used gotowebinar for online training sessions (this was before they came up with gototraining).

Now don't think I'm selling citrix to you. There aren't any affiliate links here :) Just wanted you to have a chance to make screen recordings for free with the beta while you can. You could come up with something that you can sell on clickbank ;)
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thanks for the tip Faradina
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