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I Am Confused With Google Search Results

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I Am Confused With Google Search Results

I like to check the standings of my websites in google about once a month, also the page analysis in TT.

So everything is good. I'm ranking well for the #1 search phrase that my websites homepage is built around,

every time before that i have searched on google the page comes up with the description under the blue url- (i just put a overall general description on the website -With the search phrase) and that has got the homepage ranking well. and everything's good-

So today i checked the standings again on google (with the same search phrase) found my website BUT the description has changed- description is the first few sentences of my webpage and not the the description i typed in while building the site.

now the confusing part:
when i type my website name in google it list my site with the correct discription
also TT page analysis list the same(correct) description that i have been using forever

my home page is the same as the search phrase

i checked my website description in my web design program and it still list the the correct description
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What's the search phrase and what's your domain name? You can PM those to me if you don't want to post it here.
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