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How Would You Rate My Site From 1 To 10?

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How Would You Rate My Site From 1 To 10?

How would you rate my language learning site (http://www.languagehelper.net) from 1 to 10?

What would it take to get it to a 10 out of 10?

Many thanks,
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I don't consider myself affiliate marketing expert. Hopefully, those who have success can offer some feedback. You seem to have an ambition of wanting to have the best and this is a good thing. Many of us would also love to.

As far as your website concerns, I understand that you are trying to put together a website for foreign language learning. It might be better if you just focus on one language at a time. In this way, you can provide better resources. For example, if I want to learn Italian online. I would like to know details of the language like grammar, tenses, and sentence structure. I would also like to know the culture, food, etc. These are different topics where you could write different articles. You could put up contents showing examples of Italian grammar. Then, you could put a content on tenses. Other contents could be about Italian culture, food, customs, etc.

When I look at your front page, I can easily spot repetitiveness: learn... learn... learn..., learning... learning... learning..... I understand that you are trying to optimize your keywords, but this kind of repetitiveness would turn potential visitors away.

Then, going into some of your featured posts, I notice same image: same box, same Rocket Premium, different language. If you want to put up images, pick something that has to do with each language like a cartoon that shows language interaction, an image showing grammar, or something.

If you still want to gather all the languages, then you need to come up with more contents that cover each language. You need to expand on each language. Overall, your site needs some work, focus, contents, images, etc etc.
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