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How to Use Google Wonder Wheel

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How to Use Google Wonder Wheel

Hi Guys,
I need to tap your expertise on how to use Google Wonder Wheel for Keyword research.

I am thinking of using it as it seems that Google Keyword Research Tool which is what I currently use solely isn't all that fab.

My question specifically
I can find out what the number of competiting sites are, the inanchor competing sites and number of backlinks to competiting sites for the keyword found in Google Wonder Wheel. But how do I know that this keyword that Google Wonder Wheel gives has sufficient searches to make it worthwhile to target?

Or more broadly, what is the criteria in selecting keywords from google wonder wheel?

Many thanks
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Hi Mag,

I personally do not use the Google Wonder Wheel for keyword research (I prefer a keyword tool that can give me competition or volume figures) so I am not the best person to reply to your post. :) But I did a little search and found this article on choosing keywords using the Google Wonder Wheel.

I hope that helps. Have a good day!
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