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How to stop bots from generating hops to Clickbank

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How to stop bots from generating hops to Clickbank

I have a regular pattern, about once a week I get a spike in my Clickbank hops which is caused by some spider. To maintain accurate analytics of my hops versus's conversions I would really like to stop bots visiting my hoplinks.

For instance today I had visits from Googlebot, Yahoo and some unidentified bot. One of them certainly follows the hoplinks.
Interestingly I use php redirects for my hoplinks, which are stored in a redirects folder. That folder is disallowed in my robots.txt file.

Should I additionally rel nofollow my hoplinks or is my robots.txt disallow sufficient?

I guess if a spider ignores my robots.txt then it will probably ignore rel nofolllow also.

Any ideas?
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