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How to convert PSD to HTML

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How to convert PSD to HTML

Hi. I got a sales page that is in PSD. I want to convert it so I can modify and add links, etc.
I would like to know how can I convert from PSD to HTML.

Thanks =)
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That kind of depends on how you're wanting to edit it.

Are you wanting to get the page set up in WordPress? WordPress is a content management system, which makes it a little easier to add and update content on your site if you're not familiar with editing HTML.

In this case you'd need to get your design turned into a "theme" which is essentially the fancy clothes that wrap around the WordPress engine.

You could also just get the design cut up into HTML and load that onto your site directly, but you'll need to wrap your head around a few more technical elements if you want to be able to edit it yourself, and you're not familiar with HTML/CSS already.

If you're brand new to any of this, you'll probably need to outsource it (hire someone to do it for you).
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