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How quickly should I be getting sales with just SEO?

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How quickly should I be getting sales with just SEO?

Hey All,

I've been learning online now for about 14 months. I started at WA and still have my membership because a few people signed up through my link and are still paying, so I might as well stay too.

I learned quite a bit there and actually made my first bucks online by offering WA to others. It was kinda tough because I was actually doing webinars showing people how I use site rubix to build landing pages and how I do article marketing etc.

I was happy to be making money but it seemed really tedious as I had to do webinars in order to make the sales.

I lost my shorts in PPC so decided to continue article marketing and do more seo type stuff. I purchased a few courses here and there and do implement, I just have not been able to get it to work yet. I've got 4 blogs in different niches but no sales yet. They get about 15 - 30 hits per day each. That's with articles and seo. Not very much I know.

I have xsite pro because I purchased it a while ago. I know how to use it pretty much and so I can probably put up some new sites relatively quickly. My budget is limited but I'm good at doing research and writing decent articles pretty quickly, about 3 - 4 per hour including research.

That said. If I have all day to work on these sites and with what I already know.

How fast can I expect to see some sales start to come in if I were to buy afflioblueprint without using ppc? Only SEO?

Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.


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Hi Stiz

The last three weeks on AB that cover PPC are only optional in terms of building a money-making site - I include them because PPC is a vital link in the chain for making big dollars, but as you know it can go the other way if youre not careful.

Many ABers dont include PPC as part of their campaign and still enjoy a profitable site. Check out my whiteboard sessions where I build a profitable site in just 4 months - I use the power of scaling like youre doing - so keep on doing what you're doing.

Dont forget your keyword research - you need to know youre fishing where the fish are!

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