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How long before your first sale?

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How long before your first sale?

Hi guys!

Just wondering, how long after starting out with Affiliate marketing did you make your first sale?

Have you yet to make your first sale? How long would you expect it to take?

I'm interested in the average time frames people are facing from start to profit. :)
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For me it was about five months from the moment I "launched" my site.

(Which means that I went into a forum and told people about it and really hoped that they wouldn't yell at me. They didn't. They said "oh how neat!")

I wasn't very dedicated to promoting my site though, so it was only getting around 60 visitors a week when it made its first sale. I think it took another few months before I made another sale, and then that person refunded. Hah! They would never know how much that refund broke my heart.

How long it takes is really going to depend on what traffic method you're using, and what sort of people you're attracting to your site. So it's possibly more a question of "how long does it take to attract a reasonable volume of people to your website who might be interested in purchasing the stuff you're promoting?"

... but that's not as catchy :)
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