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How do you create an ebook and get it selling on Amazon?

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How do you create an ebook and get it selling on Amazon?

How do you create an ebook in both pdf and kindle formats and get them selling on Amazon? And, can you put affiliate links in books that you sell at Amazon or is that against Amazon's rules?

I didn't really get anywhere with my first website attempt. I gave up on it because the articles were getting hard to write because the book I was promoting wasn't really targeted to solving a specific problem. Not, only that, but there was probably way too much competition for me to rank well. But, I did get at least six articles written and I was just thinking maybe I could still make money from them another way. I could put them together in one very small 6 page book (in kindle format) and give it away for free on Amazon. Anyone interested in that topic can grab my book for free and hopefully buy the product I'm promoting through my affiliate link within the book. What do you think, is this a good or bad idea?
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Ryan Deiss had a class going on, but access is now closed. His book is like 99 cents though and walks through the steps of publishing on Kindle, and making sales, which is based a lot on choosing the right niche. Free books can do very well if they're quality and you have the right system.

Ryan's book is here: http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Publishing ... B008ZRGSY2 (not aff link)
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