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Growing Up in Your Marketing Business

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Growing Up in Your Marketing Business

Not sure if I named this appropriately, but wanted to share this with my fellow affilorama members.

Over the last few days, I have received a number of PMs, emails, and questions via skype regarding my disagreements with some of the strategies that Mark teaches people to use (particularly in regards to using blog networks), and I want to clarify some misunderstandings, before things get blown way out of proportion here.

First of all, understand that I began learning successful IM here with Mark (although like many I spent a lot of money on other programs before I got here), and I believe he is the best teacher online to help total newbies get started. His commitment to his students surpasses anything that I have seen in any other training course that I have tried. I have a lot of respect for him, and I truly believe that he is teaching the methods which he uses himself to build websites and become successful online.

That being said, I always tell people to never follow anyone blindly. Question what they say, and more importantly ask why they say to do things the way that they do. By doing this, you will be able to develop your own strategies that work for you.

In my business, I have tested many traffic methods, and I have found that for me some are better than others. I personally believe in building links to get traffic, and not necessarily for SEO only. Although there are merits to both ways of doing things, I do and share what has worked for me and my business.

I have studied article marketing from many different people, and I have seen different methods of article marketing work for different people. It all depends on your end goals, and how you go about the methods.

When it comes to blog networks, one of my biggest problems is that they are low quality links that bring little or no direct traffic to your site. Although by submitting enough articles to them, you can get some good rankings, I personally found that by getting less links on higher quality sites, I can get the same or better rankings with less work (and less money out of pocket). I have seen others try similar methods to what I do, and they got better results from using mass submissions.

One method that I have not really talked much about that I use is similar, but different. I run a network of my own blogs that I control. these blogs are set up across different hosting servers so that they get diversity in IP adresses. I also optimize each post on my private network for different keywords, and spend about 20% of my link building efforts promoting those blogs and getting traffic and rankings to them. This overcomes my biggest problem with blog networks, which is that most of those blogs never get promoted.

The thing about that is,I also have people working for me to do a lot of the work going into it. In the end, I am still paying for those links, but I get more value in my opinion because the links get more traffic, and higher rankings in the search engines.

I also know that Mark relies more on paid traffic methods for the bulk of his income rather than article marketing and seo. The fact is, you should use a variety of methods to get links and traffic to your site. The more diversity you have, the better your chances are of succeeding. However, you don't want to start with learning hundreds of different methods. You should learn one method, focus on it until you figure out how to make it work for you, and then learn a new method, incorporating that into your strategy.

My recommendation is to try things for yourself. Test what Mark teaches, and if it works for you and your business, then keep doing it. However, if you find that it isn't working, you can either sit back and give up (like most people who try this business do) or you can find a different method, until you find one that does work. The internet marketing game is always changing, and something that works today may not work as well tomorrow. Also realize that something that is slightly effective today, may take off and be the next big thing to hit the web.

Mark has been around for over 11 years, and has seen the internet evolve. He has a good eye for seeing not only what works, but why and how it is working. I am sure that if he were to teach the methods that he used when he first began, he would be laughed out of the room. The methods that worked back then have evolved so much over the years.

When it comes to buying software, outsourcing, buying training programs, and anything that will cost you time or money for your business, you need to decide what works for you, and where you want to be. Don't buy something just because someone tells you that you should. After all if someone is telling you that you should buy something (myself included) we probably have our own business interests in mind at the same time that we are trying to help you. After all we are marketers, and we do market other people's products as well as our own, and are not ashamed of doing so.

Also you need to realize, although there are many total newbies here, in AffiloBlueprint, and in AffiloJetpack, there are also many people who I have known for a while, and who are struggling, and not seeing success with Mark's methods. When I see those questions from people that I know have tried to make it work, I share my own experiences, and other methods that have worked better for me. Personally, I don't want to see anyone give up. My goal with coming back is to help others succeed, and if the methods that they are using are not giving results, then I recommend other methods that might.

I hope this clarifies some things. Although we disagree on a few things, I still follow 80% or more of what I have learned from Mark and the crew here. Follow his teachings, and get well grounded in the basics. However, the only way you will really succeed on your own is to test things for your self, and ask one simple question: "Why does this work?"
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Thanks for sharing James.
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