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Google Search Queries

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Google Search Queries

Hi all
The search queries in Google webmaster tools give, what are to me, strange results. For instance I get a search term of
"staple png" "reduce png weight" or "how to reduce png weight" and when I enter these exact terms in google search sure enough up comes a page from my site in position 6 or whatever.

"png" is also listed in my keywords when it is of course an image on the website.

No-one is going to search for "reduce png weight" are they?? If I search for "reduce weight" without the png my page is not there.

Why does this happen?

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It's not anything to be worried about. You'll often find some really weird things popping up in your referrer keywords. It can be quite funny. This doesn't mean you've done anything wrong on your site. It's simply a fact that when you put words on a page, you're eventually going to show up in the listings for any combination of those words... even if you're buried on page 300.

I don't know why anybody would be searching for "reduce png weight" or anything like that. Maybe it was a confused web bot of some variety ;)
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