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Fresh Start

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Fresh Start

I have joined as a fresh start. I'm not a newbie, just a crap marketer. I have 4-5 sites already, two of which are review sites and one which is well established in its genre. However they all make me next to nothing and as yet I haven't found the formula to making them a success. It's all pretty much down to lack of traffic. Personally I'll be going the PPC route once I get everything else right even though I got badly burnt before.

So here I am back at the drawing board with pencil,ruler and set square ready for action

Allan Ashton
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Dude, hate to tell you this, but a pencil and ruler and set square aren't gonna help you too much on the internet ;)

Gosh, I'm hilarious this morning.

We offer a warm welcome to all crap marketers out there, and offer the following advice:

You're not a newbie, so you might be tempted to skip some steps because you "know that already".... you really shouldn't.

You've already put in a bunch of work on these current sites and they haven't worked for you: I suggest you have a little patience and follow the whole course through from go to whoa. Take a little time to try to get some results from SEO first, don't just do a mad rush through to PPC.

All the agonizing that people do over SEO teaches some pretty good lessons that will help you with PPC. Yes it's slow, but there's a lot to learn, and it's easier to learn it if you're not paying $50/day for your traffic while you learn it :)
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