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Fresh Content

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Fresh Content

As a newbie, the reading I have done in the past gave me the impression that a website needed to have new content added all the time to keep robots etc interested. Looking at Mark's WOW site it appears to be complete or are new articles being added as it goes. It has no forum or blog which apparently is a method of getting fresh content. Grateful for thoughts on this
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Hi Richie,
Welcome to Affilorama.
You can build your sites however you want to.
Mark just shows you how he builds his sites.
You can put a forum or blog on their but that dilutes the focus of the page/site being viewed in my opinion.
For Ex: Say I build a site on yeast infections, people are just looking for a way to solve their problem.
Can you have a blog on yeast infections attached to your site?
Well you can, but will anybody post to it? That is a matter for testing.
I certainly wouldn't want to keep coming back as a return visitor to talk about my yeast problems.. I just want it fixed.
That's not to say blogs are not useful, some niches thrive with blogs, for Ex: hobbies

You can add as much content as you like to your site.
You can keep building your site up to the point where it has hundreds of articles but that is taking it to the extreme I suppose and that is when it turns into an authority site.
Will your site be able to sustain that many articles and will people get to read it all, I doubt it.. but that is up to you.

Have you seen this video from Mark?
He talsk about making an authority site etc..

Anyway, just my Sunday rant..lol off to play with my new blog and then I might throw the ball around with the kids.

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