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Emergency Help from Everyone here! - I need you!

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Emergency Help from Everyone here! - I need you!

Hi everyone at affilorama,

I dont know what is going on at the moment but I have had a stroke of luck 3 times today, I need to organise myself quickly and effectively.

I was at a meeting with a new client this morning and things are looking up, I am going back next friday to create an action plan, I spoke to a good neighbour of mine and have a real estate client looking for a new site etc and I also have a florist site to build whom I met today when buying bananas at the shop lol but I cant monkey around with them <-had to say it

I really need to make my work more professionally acceptable, I need to know if anyone has any free tools or softwares, scripts, templates or anything I can have so that I can work with these companies in a way that is understandable and clear.

I need to write contracts explaining exactly what work I will be doing, website installation, logo design, web development, SEO, etc

Does anyone know of a good way to list all my possible services in a format that will generate a total, invoice and a contract? I know you can do this in excel, but excel is a bit 1996, I would love something like a script, possibly PHP script, I am sure I have seen some kind of freelance script somewhere, Im hoping it will be free as I dont have access to my accounts until 2 weeks, so I am down on money at the moment, unfortunately someone in the U.S decided to pay for their Sky bill without my permission lol what a useless fraudster!

I really need the most amazing tools, the ones you cant live without, maybe some guidance on how you price, by set price, or just by how much energy time involved.

Any help would be really amazing, this has opened up a grand of opportunities for me to express myself in this field, I have just finished the real estate side on a side server, so they will be amazed when they see it.

Thanks in advance to everyone.

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Hi Geministic,

Good to hear business is up! :)

You can go over to Affilorama Services and see how the services there are advertised.

I've never had any need for an invoice software but you might want to try Invoice2Go

Hope that helps. Have a good weekend!
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