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Emails: Double opt-in question

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Emails: Double opt-in question

I don't have an auto responder service yet but have some quick question about double opt-ins.

Whether its aweber, getresponse or the smaller players,.. will my stats allow me to see all pending opt-in confirmations? (not the actual email addresses but the number of people still waiting to confirm).

Is there some sort of "expiry date" before that double opt-in link becomes inactive and removed from my stats?

If a prospect types a fake email address, do I manually delete it, or is it automatically removed?
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to answer your first question,Aweber and response 2.0 both show you the number of people pending confirmation, (not sure about any others, as this may vary from service to service)

With some systems there is a time limit tht they have to confirm within.

if people use a fake email, and dont confirm, then it will disapear after the timeframe from response 2.0 not sure about any other services. again most of your questions will vary based on the service that you use.

I use Response 2.0. personally, the only thing they don't have that is comparable to aweber is click tracking in your emails, which I never used anyway, as it made the links look spammy. it is also a bit cheaper than aweber at 12.95 for up to 10,000 subscribers. So far, I have not had any problems with deliverability. If your interested in checking them out, Pm me and I will send you a link.
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