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Duh! What should I do first?

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Duh! What should I do first?

Hello all you lovely affiliate marketers.

Let me just say that I totally don't know what I should do first and I need advice but first I'll explain where I'm at.

I have 3 websites, you can see them in my signature.

www.richbeyondwords.com and www.howtoseduceaman.net are my affiliate websites. My richbeyondwords blog is very neglected but has more traffic than my howtoseduceaman.net blog. Although at this stage my howtoseduceaman.net blog is the one that has sales like a hundred dollars a month - big deal.

I want to get my richbeyondwords blog also making some affiliate sales - it has in the past like 60 dollars a month.

I kind of have half knowledge of everything and find myself getting distracted and then not doing any lessons.

Also I feel totally overwhelmed by the whole key word thing. Like I love writing about men, s e x and love which I'm sure many women would love to read. But if I have to start anaylzing everything in terms of keywords then it just takes the fun out of it.

Should I just start on lesson one even though I know all the basic stuff? - or should I say I seem to think I know the basic stuff.!

Thanks a lot for all of your helpful answers which I already know I'm going to get!
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Hi Claudia,

Those are some really good looking blogs/websites.
Just my $0.02: go through the lessons one by one. Start with the 1st one even if you feel you know the material; you'll be surprised what little useful things you pick up. I know I was and I've been doing this for a while. After all, I still pick things up new from forums like this all the time.

Yah, the keyword thing is a bit overwhelming, but you can beat it! Watch Mark's video(s) and watch 'em again, and then go to the forums and read the related posts.

Good luck!

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