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Domain Name Misspelt-will this cause problems in the future?

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Domain Name Misspelt-will this cause problems in the future?

Dear Friends,

Dear Mark and Co,

Mark, I need your kind advice. I have recently purchased a domain for adsense and amazon
widgets. Unfortunately for me, I did misspell the domain name. It has taken me over a month with correspondence between me and the registrar to discover the misspelling.

What I want is, the original name and the misspelt is not allowing the DNS to function, thus I can not upload to the hosting site. I now see I can not use this domain name as it will not reflect on the SEO or the concept of the business. Do you think by changing the domain name ... what I mean is, by using the misspelt name, people will still search for it.

The original name for the domain should have been BUSINESSSTARTNET.COM but its now BUSNINESSSTARTNET.COM. Can you advice me what to do as I have purchased this and can not change it in any way? I know I can delete the folder at the hosting site to put in this misspelt one to link up but will it be good for SEO?

You have a long experience in this field, that is why I want your kind advice in this matter.
What can I do?

Thank you and God Bless.

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The simplest thing to do will be to buy the correct domain name. It will be hard to establish your site as an authority site if your domain name is misspelt. It's also possible to lose your returning customers because they would most probably type in the correct spelling on the browser address bar and land on another site. Then that site will be the one who will get credit for the sales.
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