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Does anyone live in Darwin?

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Does anyone live in Darwin?

Hi all, affiliate marketing and all that goes with it, is totally new to me and being a baby boomer so are a heap of the concepts. I've decided every baby boomer needs a gen Y or gen X to sit with them from time to time - as what is first nature for your generation is not even in my vocabulary! I live in Darwin and wondered if anyone else does too and if so can I talk with you about some of these concepts and essentially what steps do I take to make it work. I tried emailing Mark to ask the same questions and didn't get past cusotmer support in the Phillipines, so thought I'd try here. Just to be clear though, I've very computer and internet savvy and a small business owner...so don't get caught up in any stereotypes about someone of my generation.
thanks so much and I look forward to being able to have a conversaton with you cheers
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