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Do you know your affiliate managers?

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Do you know your affiliate managers?

If not, you should be by getting to know your affiliate managers you will get the extra added help in making sure your website is performing.

Helping each other understand your business objectives and financial goals is communication that is required for success.
Once you have built solid relationships, you can then use this for special advice in becoming a real asset for everyone involved.

Affiliate managers can give you valuable expertise on what offers you should be advertising along with the best decisions when running a new advertising campaign through your network.
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Great advice Daniel. I agree. When I join a new affiliate program, I send an email introducing myself to the affiliate manager, and getting that personal connection. Not all of them appreciate it, but most of the time they do.

One thing I do, to help myself as well as them, is when I write a new report, especially if it is promoting their product, I send them a copy with the right to distribute it themselves. That way, they get to see that I am promoting them, and if they like the report, my site gets better coverage as well.
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