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Did you go Adtech New York?

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Did you go Adtech New York?

I now believe affiliate trade show conferences are a great way to meet your peers, network and catch up with good friends. I even found a few new business ventures that possible will take my websites to new levels.

With that said, affiliate trade shows are only as strong as your follow up once the show is over. Most People tend to put their best foot forward making plenty of great promises during the show. But it is important to remain well organized and to prioritize your business leads for next week's follow-up.

Make sure that you are in contact immediately after the conference is over so as to ensure that whatever conversation was discussed, will get executed in a timely manner for money to be made.

Also, for people that wait too long like call reluctance, the window of opportunity could all be lost or simply put on hold in favor of other better projects with the people who were simply more aggressive and followed up sooner.

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