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Developing my site further - blogs? rankings? articles?

henri j
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Developing my site further - blogs? rankings? articles?

Hi guys,

I am going to start a new website soon but I want to get my current one rolling a bit better. Yesterday I had the most visitors ever, 29 unique visits.

At the moment I have practically no affiliate links except deep in my book to poker subscription sites, amazon books. But nothing more than that.

My plan is going to be that I put up a Review section on my site also. I might send an e-mail out to some poker products that look nice and tell them I am going to review the best stuff out there and see if they give it out for free.

Oh yeah, I was going to ask about a blog. I don't have a blog on my website at the moment. I want to get one but what should I post in it when I already have lots of stuff on my normal website?

I will pretty much be writing in my blog what I am writing on my website, won't I?

Or do you guys have any tips on what to post where?

P.S. How long does it take to get ranked well in google and get a pagerank? I am getting some organic traffic from google, maybe 1-4 hits a day. Most of my content pages have been optimized for keywords which I have research with wordtracker and they have a density of 2-6%.

I have submitted to probably 10-15 directories, high quality directories which all took a fee.

I also have started posting articles at Ezinearticles. I have a few more article webpages I am going to start posting in today.

Can I copy&paste articles from my website and put them in the article directories?

I am trying to get links back from good poker sites but I haven't received a reply to my e-mails from anyone :(

I guess because my website is high quality content and I am constantly adding to it that they should within time link to me because my website is so good :)
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