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Desk top icon

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Desk top icon

So far I am extremely impressed, but I have a minor thing that I feel would be helpful, and that is placing a desktop icon so the users can access the lessons and information quicker. It seems that I am always re- logging on just to open the site.
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Ummm, that's the kind of thing you do in your *browser* rather than on your *desktop*. You can bookmark a page by going "bookmarks > bookmark this page" at the top of your browser window.

You can also save pages in Affilorama / AffiloBlueprint to your "favorites". You'll see a little icon at the end of each article giving you the option for this. You can access your favorites later by clicking on the "favorites" link at the top of the page.

And, of course, when you log into the site you can tick the "remember" box so that the website remembers your login details. You can also ask your browser to remember your passwords and things when you sign in.

Hope that helps.
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