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Deciding Whether GuruBlueprint by Eben Pagan is Worth It?

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Deciding Whether GuruBlueprint by Eben Pagan is Worth It?

Hi Folks

Some time back I made a post in the forum " $26,582 in last 6 months, Sales Are Comming In ... " and a few people sent me a pm and asked in the thread 'which are the other 2 mentors I follow' and replied with one of them being Eben Pagan, and also suggested that one should follow his work.

Some of you may be on the fence of whether or not to invest in his latest program 'Guru Blueprint' ? so thought it might be reassuring to hear from another Affilorama member who has been a coaching client of Eben for almost 12 months on what they think.

Well I was paying around $500 a month for his monthly coaching program GuruMastermind, and can vouch for his high quality products. And from what I see GuruBlueprint is going to cover a lot of what was covered in his GuruMastermind program plus more in terms of his latest teachings and findings.

Personally I didn't create a info product as such from his teachings, but instead used his teachings for my affiliate marketing and some services I provide online, as he covers everything from getting customers, to creating content, to conversions and management. I feel any online business one is involved in can benefit from his course, and if you are wanting to create your own info product, then you will be in the best hands with Eben.

Noticed he is offering his 'Wake Up Productive' course again as a bonus, this must be one of the best productivity courses out there, I kid you not, you will get 3 x as much work done at twice the speed with double the energy, have noticed this myself, but you have to take action on what he teaches and implement what he shares.

Anyway don't want to ramble on too much, just wanted to say if you are thinking about investing in the GuruBlueprint, I suggest you give it a try, at worst it comes with a money back guarantee, and yes this post is a glowing testimony for Eben;s work, cause he delivers results and provides massive value and Eben deserves a pat on the back.

Be sure to check out Mark Ling's bonuses if you are thinking of purchasing the course as it seems Mark has arranged exclusively for Eben to give another one of his products products away as a bonus, and all of Ebens products are around the $1000 and up mark.

Here is the link in case you wanted to read that other post I made some time back : -) , it received a lot of positive feedback...


Hoped this helped for those that may be unsure, cause 2K is not the cheapest of courses.

All the best to everyone and if you have any questions on Eben's course, feel free to reply or send me a pm

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Thanks for the feedback, Captain :)

Glad to know you've found good mentors who have helped you grow your online business.

I would also like to inform other members that another great bonus that comes with purchasing Guru Blueprint through Mark's link is 5 years of access to Affilorama Premium :)

All the best!
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