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Dec 13 disaster – my sales dropped 0 flat

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Dec 13 disaster – my sales dropped 0 flat

Dec 13 disaster – sales dropped 0 flat
Maybe I shouldn’t ask and I might be the best person to resolve my own problem but I can’t for now... I am trying to analyze my records in order to find out what is exactly the reason my sales dropped from an average of $250 a week to 0 flat on 13 Dec 2010. I do not understand so far why it happened. Link to charts below:


Google AdWords history (for my .ca domain) shows:
13 Dec 2010 - 6 new keyword added
14 Dec 2010 – 2 negative keyword deleted

I do not understand how the above actions could cause a 100% drop in sales (in fact killed my site)...

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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I'm sorry but I can't tell exactly why your sales dropped. It's really hard to tell what specifically causes such. There are too many variables and factors to consider to pinpoint the cause(s). It could be:

1. because of a drop in your SERP rankings or
2. because you have only a few pages indexed on google (see http://www.google.com.ph/search?q=site% ... =firefox-a ). It's possible that you had more pages indexed in the past and that a number of them got de-indexed.

Changes in a website's ranking and indexing do not necessarily have to be only because of what was changed on the site. It could also be because of changes to the ranking criteria and algorithms on search engines.

Looking at your site, although it says in the footer that it is an affiliate site, I do not see affiliate links anywhere. As far as I can tell, it instead has straight links to other sites. So I do not really know how you make money from this site and that makes it even harder to tell what caused your sales to drop.
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