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CSS books / Purchasing IM stuff

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CSS books / Purchasing IM stuff

Dear Affilo-Buds,

I gotta tell you the secondary market for books is wide open. As you all may know, I have been trying to learn CSS so I purchased a couple of CSS books for Dummies and they were brand new.

As a matter of fact, this message is for all you Affilo-Buds that are on a budget whinning that you can't afford IM education materials. I purchased these two brand new books from Half - Price books on the Internet for less than $16.00 which included shipping. The original price in both books was $25.00 each plus shipping on top of that.

Also, in the past I have purchased entire info marketers and IM conferences that are on disc for less than 20.00 on eBay and they have been excellent.

Of course people will tell you that it is probably outdated info and blah blah blah and my response to that is "Nonsense!" You can give me a set of 6 CD's by Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy or Corey Rudl anytime for 20 bucks, I guarantee you there's some info of value in there somewhere.

Anyway, check out auction sites for IM stuff and you will be amazed at the deals you can get.

ELMO :mrgreen:
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Mark Ellis a.k.a. "ELMO" Owner Ellistrations http://www.ellistrations.com
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Nice post Elmo :)

Keep up the motivation. We'll see you right.


PS: I deleted your other post in your site thread. (It's the same)
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