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Correct Spelling and Grammar are essential for all websites!

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Correct Spelling and Grammar are essential for all websites!

I enjoy browsing this forum and I like to look at other peoples sites via their links here, to get ideas for my site.

Something that constantly amazes me is the number of sites that have spelling mistakes or glaring grammatical errors on them. In my opinion these kinds of errors look very amateurish and are off putting.

I myself am a dyslexic. I’ve made a few posts in this forum that contained some silly errors, but not on my web site. I always get my wife or friend to proofread anything I'm about to upload. I usually use Microsoft word's spellchecker too.

I think this is a really important part of making your site look credible. I strongly recommend it too all.


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I have to agree. Its not too hard to run spell check, even if you are the worst speller in the world.
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