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Concerns on Starting a Safelist

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Concerns on Starting a Safelist

First off I need to say, I have forsaken all other "training" web sites for Affilorama.

My dizzy spells have also gone away.....lol.

Now the point of this post;

I have found a company that host people who want to start their own Safelist sites.
Very reasonable with exceptional support and limitless server space. I get why they are doing this so cheap, or at least I think I do.

They have an excellent Alexa rating and no "nasties" in the Google search. The only shortcoming I can find with the company is that they are 57% American market. They have a presence in several other country's including Asia but it is very small.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for about a year, I am a fast learner and get most concepts pretty quickly but this is a huge project and I am sure I am not seeing all the pitfalls.

I would love some feedback from anyone who has any idea's or experience about this. My biggest concern is that this cannot be done successfully by one person. Most Safelist are owned/operated by three or four people so maybe the first thing I need to do is find some partners for this venture but partnership's always have their down sides even when you have a good working relationship before hand.

Thank you in advance. TC
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We are affiliates here! I used safelists in the past, but I no nothing about how to manage them.

As for your affiliate venture, how it is going?

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