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Clickbank nickname

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Clickbank nickname

I just registered for my very first affiliate product via clickbank. I entered by Clickbank nickname but when it produced the affiliate link I could not find my nickname in the link only a series of letters & numbers. This was different than the Blueprint video lesson which showed Mark's actual nickname in the link. Did I do something wrong or are the nicknames now automatically cloaked? How can I be sure that I will get credit for any sales & that the link produced is indeed my link?
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Hi chpeddle,

You did not do anything wrong.

Recently (in the past month), Clickbank revised their site and 'hoplinks'. So it is a little different than Mark's video.

If you enter the 'crazy' looking link in your browser, and click on the order link, you will see your clickbank id at the very bottom in [brackets].

The clickbank links are now encrypted. To decrypt the link, go to http://www.clickbank.com/hoplink_encoding.htm.

You can use either the encrypted or decrypted link to get clickbank credit.

Hope this helps.

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