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Buying a website that generates income.

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Buying a website that generates income.

I'm a salaried employee who has very little time to build my website. Instead I'm thinkinmg of buying a website at flippa and continue generating income by using the things taught in Affiloblueprint. Can someone help me with the basic guidllines for buying websites from flippa.
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You have to keep in mind that if the website is being sold on Flippa, the seller is going to place it so he gets much more money than he would have from his website even with a little bit of work.

My tip would be to bear that in mind and only buy websites that have traffic figures backed up by Google Analytics, and any revenue can be proved also.

You would be paying a premium and would only expect to make a profit from the sale after about 12 months of consistent work, unless you got a really good price!
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