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Can someone please explain bookmarking and how you actually do it and use it for SEO purposes and how you get backlinks using it?
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Hi Ella,
Bookmarking on a PC is just saving your favourite sites on your computer to revisit them later on.
However, you are talking about social bookmarking and it's role in SEO.

Basically, people can join a social bookmarking service/site like delicious.com and save there favourite sites online to be accessed anywhere that you have an internet connection.
The good thing about this is, if you and alot of other people are bookmarking (saving to favourites) a particular site like abc.com, then the search engines see that a whole lot of people are bookmarking a link back to abc.com and the search engines know that this abc.com site must be pretty popular and in turn gives abc.com some attention or love.

If I owned abc.com and 1000 people bookmarked my site, this is good for my site because my site will (in theory) move up in the search engine rankings because of the linkbacks to my abc.com site.

People may think to themselves they can just hire a company to go and bookmark there site and get lots of search engine love but this is black hat marketing and google can usually smell a rat.
So, the best advice is to give out good solid unique content that people will love and want to bookmark.

hope that helps.

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