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Bluehost down

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Bluehost down

Anyone else use blue host?
All my blue host WP blogs are down, and the main Bluehost page is down.

What really sucks about this is that all of my emails going out today in all my campaigns use the affilotheme redirects, which aren't working now work either.

Has anyone ever had the problem of their hosting be completely off-line?

I am having a very bad day. :( :(
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J.C. Dean
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I'm with hostgator and they have been having the same problem. I think bluehost and hostgator are under the same company now. Hostgator service in general has been ok for me. It's been a bad day for them by the looks of it though.

I don't really have any suggestions. Very frustrating, I understand. Never really seen it like this this before.
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