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Blogging Niche Ideas - Physical vs Digital

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Blogging Niche Ideas - Physical vs Digital

Hi Everyone,

I have just gotten through combing through a new program that I found very similar to ACC. Similar in the thought about promoting physical products online instead of digital. One of the comments or thoughts about this is that many digital products, say the How-to stuff tends to have a shorter lifespan. Like new diet fads that come in hot and then die as other new ones take over. This would make it sort of a pain to continue chasing after the next best thing. But I have to say that some of the digital products I've been promoting seem to be quite long lasting. So, it's perhaps more of a simpler way to profit by targeting physical products that are not fads, but more like staples that people by all the time.

I was wondering if any of you are finding this a common theme in the latest "how-to make money online" programs.

The other thought I had was that making money online really can be boiled down to a few steps. And it really can be quite simple and inexpensive.

Step One - pick your niche - something that you can profit by promoting. Your profits can be a portion of the sale, from like eBay or Amazon or Clickbank etc... or Adsense. (I have yet to experience amazon success)

Step Two - promote your site. You can promote by SEO, PPC or article marketing. I think the easiest of these methods is article marketing, next SEO, and well, I don't do PPC so I can't give a yeah or neah for that. Reviews are the key here. Drive people to the product review for more profiting results of your traffic.

Why is it so hard for most people to see results?

I think it boils down to two things.

1. Lack of focus on ONE system. AB is a great system. If you don't have one, try that. If you're totally broke, try article marketing.
2. Never taking any action. This has got to be the top killer. And this can actually be because people are constantly bombarded with the next new program that is being promoted for making money online. Avoid this like the plague. There's no magic bullet, although the sales letters will really try to make you think there is.

There are lots of other things that get in the way of course, but those two are the top killers I think.

While I was reading this new programs guide I was thinking that it's really nothing new. If you find a good quality product whether it is physical or digital, if it's a good product and you promote the "right" keywords, those buying ones, you should see some profits from your efforts.

The next step I would say has to be outsourcing. Although I have to say it's not easy, but it is quite nice and does multiply your income very well if done right.

You guys noticing the same thing?
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Hi Chrisi,
I always have the opinion that you should look at multiple sources of income from any one system you are following.
For example, If I am promoting pet products, I can promote both digital and physical products.
I can also sell advertising space and earn money from guest posting or JV's.
Try every avenue that you can to monetize the sites earning potential.

Good discussion.
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